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Scrap Yards

Generally, you will find scrap yards in your area on Google and the good ole phone book. The difficulty is in rating scrap yards for their people and systems to care for and manage scrappers.


Iscrap app is good reference for scrappers in general to find yards.


Who is the customer in the relationship between scrappers and yards ?

Our goal at Einstein Surplus is to locate the best of the best In knowledge, and customer service. It is important to understand that the scrap yard is YOUR customer, after all they are paying you for your product.  If you desire to be a professional scrapper with a solid reputation you have to have quality and service exceeding other scrappers.


Scrap metal theft- Homeland Security ?

The above link is for Ohio homeland security but all states have become serious about theft of metals. Criminals Steal metals which endanger lives, metal from rail road crossings, Live transmission cable and many other places costing society in money, safety and lives. As a top professional scrapper or scrap processor you will happily join the cause and not do business with those who skirt the safety themselves or others. Do not sell scrap for another person it may be stolen and you will be sharing their cell.


Here is our list of Scrap yards who are excellent at working with scrappers.

Sims Brothers

CTR Surplus


Sims Brothers and CTR work in North Central Ohio Both are excellent if you are good at being organized. Sims brothers are generalists and accept ferrous, non ferrous and plastics. CTR is for very knowledgeable, top of their game non ferrous, exotic metals, Lab, medical and tech salvage dont waste their time if you are not a pro. That is Our opinion not theirs.