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“Sustainable Loop” Created for Hard Drives and Neodymium magnet, recycling and reuse.

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Marietta Magnetics Is launching and fund-raising to energise an attractive recycle and re-use supply chain.  Today most computer hard drives are shredded as the cost of hand dismantling is not considered worthwhile by major recycles. In addition many ITAD managers use data security as a scare tactic to convince clients to pay for drive recycling.  Marietta Magnetics has changed that dynamic by finding uses for magnets recovered from hard drives and partnering with new ventures that recover the individual rare earth’s and “magnet to magnet” recycling.

These three important pieces of the puzzle make the dismantling of drives economically feasible. Marietta Magnetics tag line ” every magnet re-used is a magnet not mined, refined, made and shipped from China” is compelling.

Recovery of magnets yields about 40% intact with 60% available for the new reprocessing companies in need of raw material.  Intact magnets are sold to Makers and hobbyists (notably woodworkers) and are included in a direct to consumer line of magnetic pick up tools, parts trays and shelves for workshops.  Refiners of Rare Earth Elements (REE) Crush, dissolve and precipitate out the Neodymium and Dysprosium for reuse. The very new “magnet to magnet” start-up has perfected the reprocessing of magnets back into magnets overcoming the problems of nickel plating to create new magnets just as powerful as the original.

All very new and exciting for all of us that clench our teeth and get frustrated every time we hear of REE containing devices being ground up into low value goo and the REE going along for the ride with steel to the nearest mill where it is lost forever.

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