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Most salvage from technology is processed effectively in large scale with qualified staff to handle the high temperatures, dangerous acids and chemicals involved. The risk mitigation for insurance, EPA fines and possible Criminal implications are best handled by corporate entities. However hobbyists are known to do some Chemistry and smelting as a hobby or as part of the Maker culture creating re-made products from scratch.


This cannot be done in the case of rare earth magnets and the associated metals, the percentages are minute, the temperatures are extreme and the process to separate and purify the different rare earths are very very sophisticated.

The challenge is to generate a large enough supply of sufficient consistency to make it worth while for Mining and Refining companies to take back material.


http://www.mariettamagnetics.com  THE place for Re-use of Neodymium magnets.


Neodymium super magnets

Neodymium super magnets



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